Concurso Novas 3 (solo guitar competition)

In January 2016 we made a series of promotional videos to invite participantes to apply for Concurso Novas, a solo acoustic guitar project, with comments by Yamandu Costa, Marco Pereira, Marcello Gonçalves, Turíbio Santos, Lucio Yanel and Elodie Bouny, the project’s coordinator and creator:

(click on the image below to watch the videos)

Try Rugby RJ

In December 2015 we shot a film for the British Council, showcasing the experience of introducing rugby and its 5 core values into 5 Rio de Janeiro shanty towns:

Video in Uruguay for the IPPF

In 2015 Eduardo Martino went to Montevideo to shoot a video for the International Planned Parenthood Federation on abortion.