Videos for Fight For Peace

In March 2022 two new films we recently made for Luta Pela Paz (Fight For Peace) have been released, portraying the projects Comunidade Segura in São Paulo and Maré Unida in Rio de Janeiro.

Video for Instituto Zeca Pagodinho

Closing 2021, here is a video we made for Instituto Zeca Pagodinho about their first live performance since the pandemic: Viva Xerém! Uma viagem pelo Brasil em Pedro e o Villa-Lobos.

Video for Luta Pela Paz

In November 2021, we made a video about the project Zona Nossa for Luta Pela Paz, in collaboration with Felipe Varanda (sharing the cameras with Eduardo Martino) and Mayra Jucá (co-director) from Cria Media Lab.

Making Of The Film Homem Onça

Making of the film Homem-Onça (Jaguar Man), by director Vinícius Reis / Tacacá Filmes, featuring Chico Diaz, Silvia Buarque, Bianca Byington, Emilio de Mello, Valentina Herszage, Tom Karabachian. Homem Onça will debut at the 49th Gramado Film Festival, between August 13th and 21st 2021.

Franco-German Cooperation launch video in Rio de Janeiro

We started out 2021 very busy, making a video to launch the Franco-German Cooperation in Rio de Janeiro. Video co-directed and co-produced by Vinícius Reis, drone by Felipe Varanda and illustrations by Rodrigo Bueno.

Viva Ouro Preto VR

In September 2020 the 360 video Viva Ouro Preto VR is launched under the Bossa Criativa project, a partnership between FUNARTE and UFRJ. Eduardo Martino was in charge of the photography and the spatial audio post-production, whereas Andréa Testoni did the narration.

Video for Goethe-Institut on the National Museum

Our first production on the ground since Covid-19: a video about the National Museum, at Quinta da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro, for the Goethe-Institut, a supporter in rebuilding this treasure, which was totally destroyed in a massive fire 2 years ago on this September 2nd 2020.
Directed by Vinícius Reis, with drone images by Felipe Varanda and produced by Luana Oliveira Lima.

Immersive video for Bossa Criativa Project

Eduardo Martino, along with other students and teachers from the Professional Masters in Creative Media of the Communications School (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), is taking part in the project Bossa Criativa – Arte de Toda Gente, an initiative of that university and Funarte. In March 2020, in the final days prior to the quarantine, Eduardo went to Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais State) to shoot videos, still photography and spherical panoramas which will be part of a 360 video with spatial audio, still in post-production. Here is a panorama of the São Francisco de Assis church in Ouro Preto.

Video for Amnesty International

In January 2020, Eduardo Martino documented the delivery of thirty thousand letters to Marielle Franco’s family for Amnesty International. Part of the Write for Rights campaign, where supporters from around the globe send letters of support and solidarity to human rights champions, this video was released by Amnesty on the 700th day of Marielle’s brutal assassination, still unsolved.

Video in Peru / Fairtrade Foundation UK

In August 2019 Eduardo Martino went to the mountains of Piura in north Peru to document the difficulties endured by the high quality organic coffee producers, due to climate change and historic low prices of the commodity. Video for the Fairtrade Foundation UK.